On-line Driver Risk Assessment bespoke to our client’s requirements.  The system uses the latest interactive, innovative technology delivering efficient, effective risk assessment and duty of care compliance tailored to your requirements.

DVLA Licence Checks  ensuring your drivers are correctly entitled and insured to drive.

Fleet Risk Management making sure your systems are robust enough to protect you.

Fleet Driver Training a true “coaching” approach ensuring that clients feel at ease and gain maximum benefit.

Do you know you’ve got it covered, or do you just hope you have?

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BSI Registered

Ignition Risk Management are accredited to BS18001, BS14001 and BS9001.

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Fleet Risk Insurers

Ignition's team has decades of experience in successfully protecting organisations.
They do this by putting measures in place that make managing fleet risk simple.
That's why a number of UK insurers choose Ignition to manage their clients' occupational road risk.

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